Housing options for more resilient neighbourhoods in Hamilton.

Coach house conversion, laneway house, garage conversion, garden suite, granny flat, in-law suite, backyard tiny house…they are all detached SDUs, and now in Hamilton you are able to build them in most low density neighbourhoods.

SDUs (Secondary Dwelling Units) are an opportunity for homeowners to become small scale developers by building a small house, converting a garage, or building a guest suite on top of a garage. They are a part of the solution to creating more affordable and accessible housing for people to age in place, to live near their loved ones, or to earn needed supplemental income. Each situation is unique and that is what makes SDUs so special.

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Financial Consideration FAQs

Looking for general answers on the finances of detached SDUs? This website from Laneway Housing Advisors is a great places to start. While they are based in Toronto, most of this info would be similar for Hamilton as well.

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